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A few of my students from around the world.

"Thank you for your lessons, you are always a very inspiring teacher!"

Camille C. 

Alla, England / Russia  

Mr. Koumis was my piano tutor for only three years, but nevertheless, in such a short time, he passed on all the necessary skills to me. His trick is that he knows how to encourage the creativity of an individual person. Although I have not taken lessons for a long time, I can say with confidence that thanks to him, I have mastered the ability to compose extraordinary compositions.

Господин Кумис был моим репетитором по пианино всего три года, но тем не менее за такое короткое время он передал мне все нужные навыки. Его фишка в том, что он умеет поощрять креативность индивидуального человека. Хоть я давно уже не беру уроки, могу с уверенностью сказать, что благородя ему, я освоила умение сочинять необыкновенные композиции.

Siuhang, China


I have been learning the piano with Matt for two years. During these two years, my performance has improved a lot in all aspects. What makes me happiest in all aspects of progress is that I no longer feel that learning the piano is a very serious or painful thing. Matt always has his way to make me feel that this learning is easy and enjoyable. I sound like I'm selling an ad, but I'm really not TOO! I really like Matt's teaching methods and classroom atmosphere!

Tifany, Indonesia 

As a young adult I find it really great studying with Mr. Koumis, he follows your pace and makes sure you make progress without putting too much pressure. Every lesson always left me knowing something new with added motivation to practice more!

Abhinav, India / UK

"Hi Mr. Koumis, I am delighted to inform you that I passed my ATCL Diploma with Distinction (92/100). Thank you so much for all the guidance and teaching points you gave me while preparing for the exam. It really helped! I know I wouldn't have achieved the same result without your help. I'm attaching a copy of the ex­amination report,
I'd love if you could read it if you've got some spare time!
Thanks very much! Sincerely, Abhinav" 

Taipei European School, Taiwan

“We get nice feedback from the parents, that’s why we keep recommending you!”


Miss Gao, Music Teacher, Taipei European School

Ben, Taiwan / USA 

Dear Matthew,
I hope this email finds you well!
I am happy to let you know that Ben won the first place of the competition and just completed the winners' recital at Carnegie Hall last weekend.
Attached is a rough recording of his performance on Sunday. Again, we really appreciate your teaching and help!

Warm regards,


5.0 out of 5 stars Spiritual balm for the soul, from the cradle of civilisation
“When I first heard this music, I thought it was very well executed but not so deep. Yet I have kept returning to it, and the more I listen to it the more I love it. It is perfect for a summer’s day, the hotter the better, as it sings of hot Greek islands – at least to me. There is in fact a delicacy to this music, a control of appetite, a hidden reserve of strength, and not any lack of depth, as I have discovered. I hope Matthew Koumis brings out another disk to match this one…”

“The Salle Des Pasteurs [Neuchatel] has a remarkable acoustic, lending itself well to piano recitals, and when one has the chance to hear a pianist such as Matthew Koumis, the pleasure is complete. With Chopin, Matthew Koumis impressed us with his powerful technique and his exact sense of Chopin’s discourse, the Scherzo executed with perfect mastery… Such panache, such virtuosity!”

L’Express, Switzerland

“The Greek pianist from London wants to penetrate to the heart of the music. He has the gift of making the keyboard sing.” 
FAN, Switzerland

Piano Recital: Romsey Abbey 
“For his lunchtime recital Matthew Koumis chose a programme showing both the Abbey’s Bluthner instrument and his own well-developed artistic refinement to excellent advantage. The opening Sonata in A minor (D784)
of Schubert revealed him to be a player who can respond to variations of dynamic with great subtlety. Every detail was placed with extreme care and, considering the variation one can expect from one piano to another, miscalculations were rare. Kodaly’s Meditation, based on a motif by Debussy, was extremely sensitively handled. 
With masterly control over the shaping of the cantabile phrases, Mr Koumis highlighted the undeniable charm and the serene old world atmosphere of Ravel’s Pavane pour une Infante Defunte (1899). In the Prelude, Choral and Fugue (1885) of Cesar Franck, the work’s considerable technical difficulties, such as wide stretches and the holding of low octave basses under moving parts, were overcome with disarming ease, while stable rhythms and clear textures, especially in the last section, made one aware of the monumental grandeur. The cadenza at the end was dispatched with considerable panache, making an impressive conclusion both to the performance and
a most enjoyable recital.
Hampshire Chronicle, Winchester, England

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