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Matthew Koumis is a pianist, educator and author from London, England. He won a scholarship to Oxford University and then went on to the Royal College of Music where he was awarded a First in piano.
He has given solo performances across Europe. He continued studying piano at the Liszt Academy, Budapest, and privately in London, Paris and Athens. He is a Fellow of the Royal Schools of Music
and lives in Asia. 

Contact Me:

Whats App  +886 912 410 769

With Fang-Lin Liu.JPG

Manos Hadzithakis "For a Little White Seashell" (Op 1) - Matthew Koumis

ABRSM Piano Grade 8 2015-16 Janacek "The Barn Owl" (plus teaching points) - Matthew Koumis

Taking my former student Fang-Lin Liu to visit Royal College of Music in London (my Alma Mater). She currently studies postgraduate at Royal Academy, London.

Fang-Lin Liu plays Concert Paraphrase of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake Finale for piano by Matthew Koumis

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